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Within a framework of social & environmental responsibility develop and manufacture innovative, revolutionary new products, building designs, materials and methods for affordable, low maintenance, energy efficient, high quality solutions for distribution worldwide. A design ethic consonant with our planet and the world around us, respectfully coexistent with the forces of nature.

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Proposed - McCune Solar Works Plant - Abq, NM

McCune Solar Works will not be leasing the Schott Solar facility. Our statement is as follows: 

Our negotiations to acquire Schott were not successful, and the facility did not meet our requirements. McCune Solar Works and it's investors are currently looking at several other locations in New Mexico for our operations. We are committed to solar in New Mexico and the jobs that will go with it. We will announce where and when in the near future.


Need a Solution that works? McCune Works.

As the world faces a “Convergence” of multiple crisis in disasters, food security, mass relocations, environmental stress, climate change and energy shortages; as people need a solution that works. McCune Works!

Design, Research & Development in Innovative Green Products, Building Methods, Materials, & Building Components
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McCune Solar Works, LLC
A McCune Works Inc. company


The latest Innovation in Solar Technology
Potential Voltage and Hazard Stop System
Patent Pending

Arc-Fault detection is so "Pass"
PV Stop is the next generation of Module Level Control

  1. PV Stop provides Rapid Shutdown of PV Modules and PV arrays at the module level from a specific location.
  2. There are no live or charged parts downstream from the modules upon rapid shut down.
  3. Provides Lock Out, Tag Out.
  4. PV Stop is fail safe, secure and encrypted.
  5. PV Stop provides verification of system status for firefighters on scene.
  6. PV Stop exceeds 2014 National Electric Code
    and expected National Electric Code 2017 revision for Rapid Shut Down at module level.
  7. PV Stop also performs rapid shut down of backup generators, battery and other systems.
  8. PV Stop is integrated into the module assembly or added as a retrofit to existing modules.
  9. The cost is significantly less than other shut off solutions currently on the market.
  10. PV Stop is available for global and regional licensing or outright acquisition.
IMPORTANT - Interested in Licensing Opportunity?
company contact information, including the corporate officers to be involved, and attorney or IP legal representative for the company. Negotiation will not be considered unless the legal representatives are provided and are privy to the communication. We do not invite contacts from engineering or sales and marketing staff, though they may be included with the above officer(s) and attorneys.
We then forward the inquiry to our Patent Attorney and  our General Business Counsel, for NDA, limited disclosures, negotiation, letters of intent, and final negotiations. There are no further discussions of the IP outside of the interface between the respective company’s legal teams.

Click Here to inquire - PV Stop Licensing is now available to Solar Manufacturers
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NDA Required

VertexTM Building System
Patent Pending, A High quality, Category 5 Building System for Affordable and Emergency replacement housing. Some Configurations can be erected in as little as 2-1/2 Hours, Roof up in under 1 minute. Insulated, all steel construction, building complete with no worker off the ground more than 3 ft. Re-locatable in 1 hr.

Pre-Cut Building Kits
Custom Design One Room, Entire Residence or Commercial Building
Note: Kits for delivery in Costal Hurricane Zones will include our Survival Kits, designed for elevated installations and will comply with V-Zone specifications

Vertex KitchenTM

Vertex BathTM

Alarm & Security System Modules
Systems include 1 year of Free Monitoring

Meets All Uniform Building Codes
Licensed Contractor may be req'd to build in your area
Check with Local building officials

Drop Shipped to your location
Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing included

New Electric Vehicle
In Design / Development

Trade Secret
Coming soon
-Alternative Energy Products

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